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On Grid Solar System

The on-grid or grid-tied solar system facilitates connection to the power grid. This will allow any excess electricity to be fed to the power grid. So you will always have access to the public electricity, whether or not your solar system is producing electricity.

Net Billing will allow persons who own photovoltaic (solar) systems to generate electricity for personal use, as well as, sell excess energy to the electrical company at wholesale or “avoided cost” prices set by the OUR. 

In Jamaica the Electricity Act 2015 (“the Act”), allows solar systems owners who wish to connect to the grid to sell their excess electricity to the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (“JPS”) pursuant to a Standard Offer Contract.

Off Grid System.JPG

Off Grid Solar System

With an off-grid solar system, there's no connection to the public power grid. The electricity requirement is on the sun and energy stored in batteries to power your home or business. No electricity can be had from the public grid, so to prepare for instances when the sun is not shining and your battery power is depleted, it is recommended that a generator be installed.

Depending on the energy requirements, the systems should be sized to produce enough excess electricity in the daytime to cover your entire energy usage around-the-clock. This requires a large enough battery bank to store the excess electricity to account for instances when you experience abnormally cloudy weather or no sunshine several days in a row.

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Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system facilitates connection of the solar panels to the grid’s power lines and have a backup battery system to store excess power. The sun’s energy absorbed by the solar panels goes through an inverter which then distributes the power based on the desired goal.  Like off-grid system, the hybrid system has battery bank to store excess electricity and if there is sufficient panels to produce extra electricity after fully charging the battery bank, the excess can be sold to the grid if desired.

The hybrid solar system can have both the public electricity grid and a generator as backup power if so desired. The cost of this system would therefore be much more expensive compared to the on-grid without battery.


Solar Batteries

We provides energy storage batteries such as AGM, GEL, Lithium Batteries, etc. There are different voltage battery such as 2V and 12V batteries depending on the need.

AGM and GEL batteries are maintenance-free, deep cycle and cost effective.
OPZV and OPZS batteries are usually available in 2V series and have a life span of 15 to 20 years.

Jepsolarsolutions offers unbeatable prices. Did you find a better price somewhere else? Let us know, and we’ll do our best to match it. We’re here to help you make the best product decisions for your business, so don’t hesitate at call.


Solar Panel

We supply solar panels such as Half-cut cells solar panel, Mono Solar panel, Poly solar panel, Perc Solar Panel and Double Glass Solar Panel provided, Power range from 5watt to 500watt, 550watt, 620watt, 685watt, all panels with CE/TUV/CSA/CEC/UL certification.

The Solar panels are the devices on the solar system responsible for absorbing the sun's rays and convert them into electricity or heat. Therefore, the solar panels are very integral to the performance of the solar system.

We can install the solar panels on top of the roof or we can find innovative ways of positioning the solar panels to ensure optimum capture of the sun's ray for efficient performance.


Solar Inverters

Integral to the solar systems is the inverter. Different types of solar systems requires different type of inverter.  The inverter is the part of the energy storage solar system, which converts the direct current of solar modules into alternating current.

The Solar Inverters we supply are all top-of-the-line, which guarantee efficient performance. They are used by customers for a variety of different functions. We'll help you choose the Solar Inverters for the specific project or job.

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